Latrovalis Olives

Balkan Kosher certifies that the following items produced by

Latrovalis Olives

in the facility located in Serres, Greece Are

Kosher Parve

except for Passover and under the following conditions
• Bulk pack must be accompanied by the Balkan Kosher certificate.
• Retail packs are kosher even when not bearing the Balkan Kosher logo
• Kalamata olives must have a specific certificate with lot numbers issued by Balkan Kosher.

Black oxidized olives-Confites (Whole, Pitted, Sliced)
Kalamon/Kalamata olives (Whole, Pitted, Sliced, Quarters, Halves/Barchetta, Cut, Olive Pulp)
Green Olives (Whole, Pitted, Sliced, Stuffed, Cut, Cracked, Olive Pulp)
Black Olives Amfissis (Whole, Pitted, Sliced, Cut, Olive Pulp)
Blond Olives (Whole, Pitted, Sliced, Cut, Cracked)
Green olives cracked
Mixed olives/Olives Salad
Dried olives (Black Amfisis, Chalkidikis, Kalamon/Kalamata, Donkey olives/Damaskinoelia) with herbs
Dried olives (Black Amfisis, Chalkidikis, Kalamon/Kalamata, Donkey olives/Damaskinoelia) without herbs
Thassos olives
Green olives with oregano
Green olives with red pepper and red hot chilli flakes
Green and Kalamon olives mixed
Green olives stuffed with almond
Green olives stuffed with garlic
Green olives stuffed with natural red pepper
Green olives stuffed with green baby spicy peppers
Green olives stuffed with lemon
Green olives stuffed with orange
Green olives stuffed with jalapenio
Green olives stuffed with piri-piri

This certificate is in effect until

October 31, 2019